Winona, MN dentist Walnut Street Dental, Drs. Bullard
Winona, MN dentist Walnut Street Dental, Drs. Bullard
Continuing Care


Achieving and maintaining oral health is a lifelong, continuing process. We hope to help you keep your natural teeth for your lifetime in complete health and to help you have the best smile possible

Phase One of Treatment - Disease Control

After your complete new patient exam we may find an area of your mouth that is not healthy-Your first phase of treatment will involve getting your mouth healthy by controlling the diseases in your mouth. The common diseases that are diagnosed are dental caries (cavities), periodontal disease (gum/bone disease), and dental abscesses. Treatment for these diseases depends on your individual condition. An unhealthy bite or unhealthy jaw joints, while not a disease, is a condition which can also contribute to the deterioration of your mouth. We will thoroughly discuss the problems that are found and what you can do to take care of your mouth.

Phase Two of Treatment - Restoring Teeth

Even after controlling any active dental disease in your mouth, your teeth may not be strong enough to withstand the forces of chewing for the rest of your life. Any teeth that have been destroyed by cavities or have been weakened or lost from periodontal disease should be restored or replaced. This phase of treatment can be as simple as one or two crowns (caps), to complete reconstruction or multiple crowns, bridges (crowns to replace teeth), implants or removable appliances to replace missing teeth. Any restorative treatment you may need must be accomplished with careful attention to your bite and the health of your jaw joints. Again, treatment depends on your individual condition which we will discuss with you. This phase of treatment may take several months and in some cases years to complete.

Phase Three of Treatment - Maintaining Health

After comprehensive treatment, either complex or simple, you will want to make sure that your mouth stays healthy. You can do this by following our recommendations for continuing care appointments. For most people this involves regular cleanings and examinations every six months. For others, recommended visits may be more or less frequent. We will assist you by reminding you when it is time for your regular visits. We hope to enjoy many years of working with you to achieve and maintain your oral health. We also hope that being a part of our dental family is a pleasant experience.
Achieving and maintaining oral health is a lifelong,